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New study of ‘Buckhead City’ adds fuel to debate 

By J.D. CapeloutoBen Brasch 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,185,193 unique visitors per month 

A study paid for by supporters of the Buckhead cityhood movement has found the city would be financially viable, but critics say it doesn't address the larger questions facing Atlanta.

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DICK YARBROUGH: Buckhead incorporation deserves serious consideration 

By Dick Yarbrough 
Henry Herald | 250,043 unique visitors per month 

That sucking sound you hear is the city of Atlanta. The City Never Too Busy to Brag faces the real prospect of seeing the Buckhead area split off into a new city. A feasibility study paid for by supporters of the Buckhead cityhood movement and conducted by the Valdosta State University Center for South Georgia Regional Impact concludes that a Buckhead City is very doable.

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OPINION: Buckhead as a pied piper leading the way to rich-niche cities 

By Bill Torpy 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,185,193 unique visitors per month 

More thoughts from Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Bill Torpy on the Buckhead cityhood movement, which he says could trigger a domino effect across the U.S. of cities' rich sectors choosing to break away.

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Buckhead City A Viable Proposition, Feasibility Study Says 

By Marcus K. Garner 
Patch | 14,235,157 unique visitors per month 

A Valdosta State University review into the viability of a Buckhead City, released Monday evening, says that a city could generate enough revenue to either save taxpayer dollars or support "enhanced and/or new services." That determination was based upon findings that the proposed city could generate more than $203 million a year in revenue with annual expenses of nearly $90 million, leaving an approximately $113 million surplus.

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Proposed Buckhead City Would Run a Budget Surplus, Says New Feasibility Study 

Metro Atlanta CEO | 7,204 unique visitors per month 

Buckhead City is more than “feasible.” After accommodating start-up costs, Buckhead City would likely run a budget surplus, according to a formal feasibility study conducted by the Valdosta State University Center for South Georgia Regional Impact.

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Cityhood Endorsement To Come From GA Agg Commissioner Black 

By Marcus K. Garner 
Patch | 14,235,157 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — The highest-ranked public official is going on record endorsing the push for Buckhead cityhood. Georgia Agriculture Commissioner and Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate Gary Black will speak to his endorsement Monday afternoon at Peachtree Battle Shopping Center, near the site where Atlanta Police say a man shot a pair of would-be thieves breaking into his car Friday, killing one and wounding the other.

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Cityhood news: Buckhead financial feasibility study released 

By Wendy Parker 
East Cobb News | 43,000 unique visitors per month 

For a larger version of the proposed Buckhead city map, click here. While a financial feasibility study for a proposed City of East Cobb is expected to be finished in November, a similar study conducted for a group pushing for cityhood in Buckhead was released on Tuesday. That study, conducted by Valdosta State University, shows a budget surplus of $113 million, even with police and fire services.

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Full Report: Fiscal Feasibility Analysis of A Proposed Buckhead City 

By Ben Hirsh | 16,826 unique visitors per month 

The following Feasibility Analysis was released this evening and is being published in full below. This 3rd-party study is a required hurdle that must be passed before being considered by the GA state legislature. The report concludes that:Based on our analysis, we find estimated revenues of $203.5 million exceed likely expenditures for the services identified to be provided, estimated at $89.8 million, and therefore have concluded that the City of Buckhead is likely fiscally feasible.

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Report says City of Buckhead is likely fiscally feasible 

By Joyce Lupiani 
WGCL-TV (Atlanta, GA) | 816,282 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- A report has found that the City of Buckhead is likely to be fiscally feasible. The report took a look at the revenue and expenditures of the potential new city and offers evidence based on available data. The report says that the proposed Buckhead City should expect an annual revenue of approximately $203,521,892 and annual expenses of approximately $89,921,825, resulting in a surplus of $113 million.

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Buckhead releases 'feasibility study' amid cityhood debate 

By Jessica Brown 
WXIA-TV (Atlanta, GA) | 2,230,196 unique visitors per month 

The study estimates expenditures are comparable to metro Atlanta cities like Roswell and Sandy Springs. BUCKHEAD, Ga. — A new study finds that it would be financially feasible for Buckhead to become its own city. The study, paid for by supporters of the Buckhead City movement, was conducted by the Valdosta State University Center for South Georgia Regional Impact. The study's findings were released Monday evening.

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'Buckhead City' group releases feasibility study in effort to break away from Atlanta 

By Amy Wenk 
Reporter Newspapers | 67,627 unique visitors per month 

A group trying to break off Buckhead from Atlanta released a feasibility study that claims an independent city could raise more than $200 million a year in revenue, with almost $114 million in surplus. The Buckhead City Committee commissioned Valdosta State University’s Center for South Georgia Regional Impact for the study, which asserts the proposed “Buckhead City” could be financially feasible.

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Buckhead City meets basic financial feasibility test, allowing legislation to move ahead 

By John Ruch | 16,826 unique visitors per month 

“Buckhead City” would be financially feasible in sheer revenue and expenditure terms — including with a new, larger police force — according to a university-conducted study legally required as part of the cityhood effort. The feasibility report, released Sept. 13, allows state legislation to continue moving toward the local Buckhead City Committee’s goal of getting a binding cityhood question on the November 2022 ballot.

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New study shows Buckhead City could be financially feasible 

By Amy Wenk 
Atlanta Intown | 62,620 unique visitors per month 

News September 14, 2021 by Amy Wenk 0 A group trying to break off Buckhead from Atlanta released a feasibility study that claims an independent city could raise more than $200 million a year in revenue, with almost $114 million in surplus.

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Buckhead lawmakers oppose leaving Atlanta 

By Patricia MurphyGreg BluesteinTia Mitchell 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,185,193 unique visitors per month 

On the day the Buckhead City Committee released a feasibility study to crunch the numbers on whether an independent Buckhead City could pay its own bills, Buckhead's own elected leaders told the AJC they're still opposed to the effort to break the neighborhood away from the City of Atlanta.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/14/21| BREAKING FOX NEWS TRUMP'S September 14, 2021 

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Lenox Square in Buckhead Rolls Out ‘Youth Policy’ Amid Violent Crime Wave 

By Ny MaGee | 272,996 unique visitors per month 

Lenox Square / Twitter*Lenox Square in Buckhead announced Wednesday that youths must be accompanied by adults starting Sept. 21 According to its youth supervision policy, all visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or adult — that is 21 or older — after 3 p.m, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. “Those without acceptable identification will be denied entry or asked to leave the property,” the mall’s website states.

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Two steps forward at the Capitol for Buckhead City proposal 

By Patricia MurphyGreg Bluestein 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,544,621 unique visitors per month 

The movement to carve out a new city from Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood took two steps forward last week- one publicly touted, and one less obvious.

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Buckhead Inches Closer To Seceding From The City Of Atlanta 

By Valencia Jones | 

By Valencia JonesSeptember 1, 2021 at 9:39 amATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — “Buckhead City” is another step closer to becoming a reality, as organizers reach another milestone in their efforts to secede from the City of Atlanta. The Buckhead City Committee announced State Senator Clint Dixon (R-District 45) is backing a bill that could lead Buckhead to cityhood. “We have one in the Senate, and we have one bill in the House.

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Buckhead on track to break off from Atlanta 

One America News Network | 1,634,167 unique visitors per month 

Clouds roll into downtown Atlanta in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)OAN NewsroomUPDATED 1:50 PM PT – Tuesday, August 31, 2021As crime rates have continued to rise in Atlanta, Georgia, the community of Buckhead progressed on efforts to become its own city.

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Buckhead Secession Co-Sponsor Joins City Movement From Gwinnett 

By Marcus K. Garner 
Patch | 16,240,668 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — More help is on the way for the Buckhead secession effort. Last week State Sen. Clint Dixon (R-Gwinnett) signed on as a co-sponsor of the legislation to create Buckhead City, adding to the unveiling of the Buckhead City Committee logo. Bill White, CEO of the BCC, said Dixon's inclusion on the bill brought with it influence on several levels at the Gold Dome. Find out what's happening in Buckhead with free, real-time updates from Patch.

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Buckhead City Movement Adopts New '8-Point Rack' Logo 

By Marcus K. Garner 
Patch | 16,240,668 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — The leaders of the movement to make Buckhead a city have reshaped the imagery representing themselves. Buckhead City Committee during a fundraising event Thursday night unveiled its new logo, an eight-point set of deer antlers on a green background with the proposed city name. "Everyone involved in the creation of this logo wanted antlers," said Bill White, CEO of the Buckhead City Committee. "We decided on an eight-point rack — a buck that is mature, but still has room to grow.

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In Atlanta, a call to transform policing 

By Reid Forgrave 
Star Tribune | 3,525,350 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA – Volkan Topalli stopped at Home Depot in this city's tony Buckhead district just to pick up two bags of potting soil. But when the 55-year-old Georgia State University criminal justice professor, who studies urban violence, saw some young people darting around the store that Saturday evening in May, he sensed something was up. Suddenly, four gunshots echoed and a car peeled out. As Topalli pulled out his phone, a bullet tore through his left forearm.

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Coalition president presiding over a tumultuous time 

By Thornton Kennedy 
Neighbor Newspapers | 440,636 unique visitors per month 

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution under the headline “The Mayor of Buckhead” from 1999, Sam Massell, then the President of the Buckhead Coalition, said something apropos of 2021. “When you consider that Buckhead has 15% of the Atlanta population and 20% of the land, and pays 45% of the real estate taxes, obviously Buckhead becomes important to the rest of the city,” Massell is quoted as saying. “People here talk about seceding.

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Advocacy group’s poll finds public support for holding a Buckhead cityhood vote 

By John Ruch | 11,891 unique visitors per month 

About 61% of Buckhead voters support holding a vote on the question of separate cityhood for the neighborhood, according to an internal poll conducted for an advocacy group by a firm run by its lobbyist. Cityhood backers say the poll shows their political momentum, while anti-cityhood advocates say it failed to ask about challenging issues. The results show a strong partisan divide on the debate, with a heavy majority of Republicans supporting a cityhood vote and a plurality of Democrats opposed.

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Atlanta police chief gives details on what he is doing to increase police presence in Buckhead 

By Richard Belcher 
WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA) | 2,563,000 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant says the department is beginning to build up officers in parts of Buckhead, initially targeting traffic control and accidents to free up others for crime control. The chief told Channel 2′s investigative reporter Richard Belcher only two officers will be assigned right away. He wants as many as two dozen more officers in Buckhead by the end of next year. Bryant acknowledges crime in Buckhead is a problem.

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OPINION: The Buckhead City movement heading for the Georgia legislature 

By Patricia Murphy 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,544,621 unique visitors per month 

Like Trump, White is a high-energy, fast-talking New York businessman, confident to the point of brash, and newly engaged in a wildly complicated political process he’s never been involved in before. Also like Trump in 2016, who was underestimated by leaders of both parties until the day he won the White House, White and the effort to create a new Buckhead city as an answer to the neighborhood’s spiraling crime had been largely dismissed, too.

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Atlanta crime surge fuels Buckhead's push for cityhood: 'We are fed up' 

By Megan Gallen 
Fox News | 51,531,691 unique visitors per month 

A deadly shooting in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, is adding urgency to the community's push to separate from the city. Buckhead City Committee CEO Bill White joined "America's Newsroom" Tuesday to react to Atlanta's skyrocketing crime and his locality's efforts to break away from the city and start their own police department. "We are fed up with this," White said in response to Saturday's shooting near a Buckhead lounge that left one person dead.

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Abolish The Suburbs 

By Marco Rossi | 

Tucker Carlson recently launched into a tirade on Democrats’ rather milquetoast efforts to address the spatial inequalities, both in terms of race and class, of America’s suburbs. During the diatribe, Carlson pulled from his usual grab bag of rightwing tropes. According to Carlson, by calling attention to the problems with exclusively zoning for single-family homes, the American Left was engaging in a dangerous experiment of social engineering.

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Here's what you think should be done to decrease violent crime in ATL 

WXIA-TV (Atlanta, GA) | 1,938,209 unique visitors per month 

An exclusive 11Alive Survey USA poll focuses on crime in metro Atlanta and solutions. ATLANTA — Metro Atlanta crime has been on the top of residents' minds as police and city officials look for solutions to the problem. An exclusive 11Alive Survey USA poll focuses on possible ways to curb crime. Below are the results. 1.Are you registered to vote in the state of Georgia? 81% Yes 16% No 2% Not Sure 2.  Which of these locations is the biggest area of concern with crime in Atlanta?

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Georgia Today: As Crime Spikes Across Georgia, Some In Buckhead Want Out Of Atlanta 

By Steve FennessyJahi Whitehead 
Georgia Public Broadcasting | 317,878 unique visitors per month 

Crime is spiking across the city of Atlanta, and perhaps most visibly in Buckhead. Some residents there are saying it's time to secede from Atlanta and that forming their own city is the best way to protect their citizens and keep a close eye on their tax dollars. Opponents of Buckhead cityhood believe that this could be a tremendous hit to the economy of the city of Atlanta.

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Several mayoral candidates don’t support Buckhead cityhood 

By Amy Wenk 
Reporter Newspapers | 70,518 unique visitors per month 

The Upper Westside Community Improvement District and Northwest Community Alliance hosted a July 21 forum with five Atlanta mayoral candidates. The event was held at The Works, a development in Atlanta’s Upper Westside neighborhood. Five candidates running for Atlanta mayor at a July 21 forum spoke against Buckhead breaking off from Atlanta. It was just one of the topics during the Wednesday night forum, hosted by the Upper Westside Community Improvement District and Northwest Community Alliance.

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Crime Is So Bad In Atlanta The State Might Ask Locals To Fund The Police For A Tax Deduction 

By Brianna Lyman 
The Daily Caller | 2,489,677 unique visitors per month 

Crime has become so bad in Atlanta that Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan announced Thursday he would work with the state assembly to create a program where locals can donate to underfunded police departments in exchange for a tax deduction. “It should be no surprise that every state leader is concerned with the exponential rise in crime here in Georgia, especially in our Capital city,” Duncan said.

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Buckhead City CEO blames Atlanta mayor for rising crime rates 

By Barnini Chakraborty 
Washington Examiner | 6,417,550 unique visitors per month 

Bill White, the man pushing for the wealthy Atlanta enclave of Buckhead to form its own city, told a House panel on Monday that rising crime rates and lack of arrests and prosecution have made residents feel like they are "living in a war zone." "Criminals feel emboldened to come," he said. "They know if they get arrested, they will be out the next day." White, the CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, placed the blame on outgoing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

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Atlanta police ditching department and slamming leadership in letters 

By Barnini Chakraborty 
Washington Examiner | 6,417,550 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — Lt. Mark Cooper spent 26 years as an Atlanta police officer. His goal was to hit the 30-year mark, collect his pension, and go but he had to cut his journey short. "Until last week, I was proud to tell everyone that I met that I work for the Atlanta Police Department," he said in his June 10 resignation letter obtained exclusively by the Washington Examiner.

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Buckhead campaign led by ex-Democratic fundraiser-turned-Trump booster looking to make mark 

By Barnini Chakraborty 
Washington Examiner | 6,417,550 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — Every morning, William White looks at the tire marks on his new charcoal-colored driveway and gets angry. He and his husband, Byran Eure, live on a quiet, tree-lined street in the wealthy Atlanta enclave of Buckhead and were seconds away from becoming one of the area's latest crime victims. Two men had jumped out of their vehicle and were in the process of stealing White's car when they looked up and saw a surveillance camera recording their every move.

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EXCLUSIVE: Buckhead secession group calls for emergency hearings over plan to leave Atlanta 

By Barnini ChakrabortyKatherine Doyle 
Washington Examiner | 6,417,550 unique visitors per month 

ATLANTA — Eliana Kovitch knows danger. Growing up in Israel, she saw a suicide bomber blow himself up outside her family's pizzeria. Her mother taught her at an early age to duck below the car windows whenever they passed a particular patch of road known for terrorist shootings. She's had stones thrown at her and spent much of her early childhood looking over her shoulder. Kovitch thought those days were behind her when she moved to the upscale community of Buckhead in Atlanta, but she was wrong.

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Buckhead City Committee Wants 'Divorce' From Atlanta: CEO 

By Marcus K. Garner 
Patch | 15,352,667 unique visitors per month 

Skip to main contentMidtown, GABrookhaven, GAVirginia Highland-Druid Hills, GASmyrna-Vinings, GAAtlanta, GANorth Druid Hills-Briarcliff, GASandy Springs, GADunwoody, GAEast Atlanta, GAEast Cobb, GAGeorgiaTop National NewsSee All CommunitiesATLANTA — The Buckhead cityhood movement has picked up new steam with a new drive for cash and a name change that more directly represents the intention of the group leading the charge.

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NBA legend Dominique Wilkins opens up for the first time about discrimination he faced 

By Laura Collins 
Daily Mail | 76,039,119 unique visitors per month 

NBA legend Dominique Wilkins has opened up for the first time about the shocking moment he was turned away from an upscale Atlanta restaurant because of the color of his skin.

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A United Atlanta Stands Stronger Together 

By Jim DurrettBuckhead CID 
SaportaReport | 49,374 unique visitors per month 

By Jim Durrett, president of Buckhead Coalition and executive director of the Buckhead CIDAtlanta is known for many things: the capital of the South; home to the world’s busiest airport; Southern hospitality; our great sports teams; a city of trees; and the cradle of the civil rights movement. We are also known for our embrace of diversity and the unity of our multiplicity of neighborhoods.

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Buckhead resident on decision to break from Atlanta: We're living in a war zone 

Fox Business | 13,846,666 unique visitors per month 

Bill White, CEO of Buckhead Exploratory Committee, says surging crime led residents to push for their own police department.

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Wealthy Atlanta community files for 'divorce' from city, plans to create own police force amid crime wave 

By Amy Nelson 
Fox Business | 13,846,666 unique visitors per month 

Bill White is leading an effort in his community to separate from the city of Atlanta. White, CEO of the Buckhead Exploratory Committee, joined FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on "Varney & Co." to discuss the residents’ motivation to gain independent cityhood for Buckhead. "We have filed for divorce," White said. "When you file for divorce – if you believe in marriage like we do – you try to work it out. You try to have people listening at the table to the concerns.

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Buckhead wants a divorce! Wealthy Atlanta enclave is in a crime 'crisis' 

By Laura Collins 
Daily Mail | 76,039,119 unique visitors per month 

Andrew Worrell was jogging in the upscale Atlanta community Buckhead early on June 5 when he was shot, but survivedWhen he felt the car pull up alongside him Andrew Worrell assumed the driver was looking for directions. He stopped walking along the quiet tree-lined street and turned towards the lowering tinted window. And that's when he saw the muzzle of the gun.

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The Jolt: Rudy Giuliani’s back in Georgia to knock out Brian Kemp 

By Tia Mitchell 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 4,709,084 unique visitors per month 

Giuliani stood with Jones at the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead on Wednesday night to rip into Gov. Brian Kemp, whom Jones is challenging in the 2022 GOP primary. The former New York mayor called the Republican governor a “failure” and promised Jones, a party-switching former Democrat, will be a “leader for reform.”Through much of the 45-minute press conference, the two promoted a string of false conspiracy theories we won’t repeat.

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Spike In Crime Pushing Buckhead District To Secede From Atlanta 

By Derek Major 
Black Enterprise | 1,020,365 unique visitors per month 

The city of Buckhead is trying to split from Atlanta. (Twitter/CNN) A significant spike in crime during the coronavirus pandemic has led the district of Buckhead to attempt to secede from the city of Atlanta.

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Atlanta's 'Marxist Land Grab' Is a Preview of Joe Biden's Nefarious Plans for the Suburbs 

By Stacey Lennox 
PJ Media | 1,363,977 unique visitors per month 

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has opted not to run again after a disastrous year that has placed her city on the growing list of urban centers with alarming increases in crime. Recently, Bill White, chairman and CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about the movement to separate Buckhead from Atlanta. White pointed to the increase in violent crime in residential neighborhoods as a key driver of the initiative.

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Tucker: If You Don't Let Dems 'Destroy' Suburbs, 'You're a Bigot' 

By Elisabeth Nieshalla 
CNS News | 489,166 unique visitors per month 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson speaks at Politicon. (Photo credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)The mayor of Atlanta, Ga. plans to rezone the residential district of Buckhead to “allow more housing flexibility in the existing exclusionary single-family zoning areas designed for race and class discrimination." “In other words, if you don't want an apartment building or Section 8 housing on your block, you're a bigot," Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday.

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The privately funded campaign ups goal to put more security on Buckhead streets 

WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA) | 2,363,904 unique visitors per month 

Organizers said they are working directly with APD to help increase security in that part of the city.

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As rising crime turns Atlanta into a ‘warzone,’ one suburb wants to break away 

By Murrey JacobsonAmna NawazCourtney VinopalEmily Carpeaux | PBS NewsHour 

Even as some types of crime fell, murders and other violent crimes rose sharply in cities across the country last year — a trend that’s continued this year. The causes aren’t well understood, and there are strong disagreements about how to solve the issue, and what role police forces play. Amna Nawaz reports on how the debate over combating violence is playing out in Atlanta's Buckhead suburb.

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