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The Buckhead City Committee (BCC), formerly known as the Buckhead Exploratory Committee, is a nonpartisan organization comprised of a group of diverse residents and business owners in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta who want the best for our community. 


The City of Atlanta has displayed a pattern of neglect and disrespect towards our community ​which has caused crime to increase at an alarming rate, our infrastructure to crumble, and many residents to flee the area. 

We want a Buckhead where it’s citizens:

  • Are protected by a police force that is respected, properly staffed, appropriately trained, and fully funded

  • Have emergency response times that are as fast as possible

  • Receive city services commensurate with taxes paid

  • Benefit from a well-maintained infrastructure 

  • Communicate more directly with municipal leadership 

  • Control issues affecting zoning, parks and recreation

  • Engage actively in neighborhood improvement endeavors

BCC volunteers have formed a team of lobbyists, attorneys, legislators and experts in the successful creation of other cities.
We have consulted with leaders of law enforcement, city services, zoning, education and stakeholders in small and big businesses to develop best practices for our new city of Buckhead City.

Reasons for Pursuing Cityhood

The City of Atlanta can no longer protect our residents from criminals. Murders and other violent crimes are skyrocketing as Atlanta has lost hundreds of police officers in the last year. Residents are afraid to go out to dinner, get groceries, and even go for a jog. There seems to be no end in sight to the rise in crime and the City of Atlanta has not addressed these issues. 

Our solution: Buckhead City will have its own police force which will be respected, fully staffed, appropriately trained, and properly funded. We currently have approximately 80 police officers assigned to Buckhead with only about 20 officers on shift at a time. We will increase our police force to 300 with close to 80 officers on shift at all times.

Crime is Out of Control

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Buckhead gets very little return on investment for the amount of taxes that we pay to the City of Atlanta. Buckhead accounts for approximately 40% of revenue to the City of Atlanta through property taxes, but we do not see the same level of investment in our community.  Simple city services are deteriorating such as police, parks, and trash disposal with no plan from Atlanta's leaders to address them. 

Our solution: Buckhead City will have greater accountability for taxes so that our tax dollars go towards our community. Other new cities nearby such as Sandy Springs and Brookhaven prove that cityhood can provide better accountability for taxes with greater investment in our community.


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Our potholes are never fixed, our MARTA stations haven't been updated in years, and our parks are being neglected. There is the notorious video of a woman taking a shower in broad public in Charlie Loudermilk Park (in front of the Buckhead Theatre) that went viral. For the amount of taxes that residents of Buckhead pay, we deserve better.

Our solution: Buckhead City will be better equip to fix our roads, update our transportation systems, and maintain our parks because our tax dollars will be going directly to our own community.

Infrastructure is Falling Apart


Proper zoning is one of the most important, yet underappreciated, aspects of a city. Atlanta's zoning board is inconsistent and unpredictable causing unnecessary tension between the business community and residents.

Our solution: Buckhead City will have a more comprehensive zoning plan that works best for everyone in the community.

More Common Sense Zoning

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