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Improving our Community

We are an ever-widening diverse group of concerned Buckhead citizens (not politicians) who have volunteered for and have coalesced around the BEC driven by a common vision for a Buckhead that is prosperous and thriving. 

Our mission is straightforward and unwavering:  We seek a Buckhead in which its citizens: 

  • Efficiently receive community services commensurate with taxes and fees paid

  • Feel safe and secure due to requisite levels of police presence, law enforcement and emergency services 

  • Benefit from a well-maintained infrastructure 

  • Routinely receive honest and transparent communications from municipal leaders

  • Participate in endeavors to improve the overall quality of life for their respective neighborhoods

To that end, we are looking to comprehensively explore various models of existence for Buckhead and to assess the viability, ramifications and costs associated with each.  We aim to consider various models of public/private industry delivery to ensure that the full scope of requisite community services is provided efficiently and effectively on an ongoing basis.  As such, we will be reaching out to citizens and businesses who expect and rely on an economically healthy and safe Buckhead to prosper for their wisdom and financial support.

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