The Buckhead City Committee (formerly the Buckhead Exploratory Committee) is a diverse group of residents with a broad range of expertise who have united to improve the quality of life in our community. Our goal is to improve the safety in our streets, ensure that our city services align with our tax dollars, build infrastructure and preserve our parklike setting through keeping tree canopy and zoning.

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Want to know if you're in the Buckhead City map?


Click on the link below to check your voter precinct and see if you are in one of these precincts in Buckhead City:
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Process for Buckhead Cityhood

Step 1: A local group decides it wants to incorporate a community as a city. 


The Buckhead Exploratory Committee on behalf of the Buckhead community has initiated the incorporation process.

Step 2: A bill, sponsored by a member of the state legislature, is introduced in the Georgia General Assembly beginning a two-year review process.


A bill was introduced by Rep. Todd Jones on April 1, 2021 in the Georgia House of Representatives. There is a similar bill in the Georgia Senate sponsored by Sen. Brandon Beach. The Georgia General Assembly can vote on the bill in the 2022 legislative session.

Step 3: A feasibility study is conducted by a university in Georgia to determine whether becoming a city is viable. 


Usually takes between 8-10 weeks. These results will easily show that Buckhead can be viable as its own city.

Step 4: A bill must pass the legislative process by a majority vote by the Georgia House and Senate, then signed by the Governor. 

Expected April 2022

Both bills will be voted on in the 2022 legislative session, passage of only one of these bills is needed.

Step 5: Once the Governor signs a bill into law, a referendum date is set where only the citizens in the proposed city boundaries are allowed to vote on cityhood. 

Expected April 2022

The election date will be November 8, 2022.

Step 6: If the referendum passes on Election Day, then Buckhead will become its own city.

November 8. 2022

After the referendum passes, a transition period is triggered to begin the formal processes of developing the city.