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Bill White is chairman and chief executive officer of the Buckhead City Committee, a volunteer group of Buckhead residents, business owners and supporters determined to create Buckhead City, Georgia. This grassroots initiative aims to vastly improve public safety, reduce crime, gain local control of zoning, enhance maintenance of infrastructure and beautify area parks and recreational facilities in Buckhead neighborhoods, currently part of the City of Atlanta. 

White’s career started in his family’s restaurant and real estate business and evolved to fundraising, consulting and community engagement. In 1991, White founded Operation Support 501(c)(3), an all-volunteer group of young professionals dedicated to raising awareness and funds for families of wounded and fallen veterans. Philanthropist Zachary Fisher recruited White as his chief of staff and, ultimately, to lead the renovation of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. Under White’s leadership, nearly $1 billion was raised for the museum’s renovation and for grievously injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. During White’s tenure, annual museum visitors climbed from 200,000 to over 1 million. White co-founded the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a successful and respected charitable organization supporting wounded and fallen veterans and their families. 


In 2010, White founded Constellations Group, a business development firm to advise leaders and connect them to partners, funding and counsel. Clients include Fisher Brothers, Palladium Equity Partners, Blackwater, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the United War Veterans Council and the Wounded Warrior Project. White has been vetted for key positions by presidential administrations of both political parties. He coordinated bipartisan


Meet our Chairman and CEO Bill White


legislation with Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain that boosted the death benefit for veterans from $6,000 to $500,000 (tax exempt). White has business partnerships with entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg in his water bottle company Aquahydrate, and is a partner in the Ghost lifestyle brand. 


White is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Fordham University in the Bronx, New York. Accolades include decorations from the U.S. Dept of Defense, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard; The Knight (Cavaliere) of the Republic of Italy; and the Life Saving Benevolent Association’s top honor for rescuing a woman drowning in the Hudson River. Licenses and training include NYC EMS Emergency Medical Technician, Captain of the First Aid and Rescue Co. of the Point Lookout Lido Fire Department and USCG Captain license for 100-ton passenger vessels. He is founder of the Fordham University EMS, Professional Fundraiser FINRA and NYS Series 7 & 66.   


White lives in Buckhead with his husband, Bryan Eure, senior vice president, Willis Towers Watson. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and serving the Buckhead community. 


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October 18, 2021 - Buckhead City Committee responds to Atlanta delegation 



The following may be attributed to Bill White, CEO, Buckhead City Committee:


Surprise, surprise.  Atlanta’s delegation in the Georgia General Assembly doesn’t like the idea of Buckhead residents deciding for themselves if they should be under the thumb of the City of Atlanta or gain more influence over their own future.  Today’s “press conference,” contains the same hyperbolic drivel and scaremongering of recent months.  But facts are facts. 

•    Buckhead City will not financially “devastate” Atlanta.  In fact, Buckhead City would keep less than 10 percent of the City of Atlanta’s annual budget, while reducing Atlanta’s population obligations by 20 percent.


•    Buckhead City will not “break up” Atlanta. In fact, the opposite is true.  Just as a dangerous and dying Buckhead signals the end of Atlanta’s reputation as a great city, a safe, strong, and prosperous Buckhead is essential to the perception of Atlanta as a great city.  

•    A new mayor will solve nothing.  The City of Atlanta is poorly managed, unresponsive, and incapable of addressing the concerns of Buckhead. A new mayor is no solution. 

•    Atlanta Public Schools will continue to serve Buckhead families.  The law (Ga. L. 1950, p. 458) is silent on what happens when the city limits contract; the law does not say that APS shall have the same boundaries as the city. No one believes APS will forfeit Buckhead and commensurate funds collected in taxes. We are confident APS will serve Buckhead City.  

•    Buckhead City will reduce crime.  There are now about 80 Atlanta police officers assigned to Buckhead, a community of 100,000 people. The recently released “Fiscal Feasibility Analysis of a Proposed Buckhead City” assumes a Buckhead City police force of at least 250. Policy studies demonstrate that each additional officer reduces crime by 1.3 violent crimes and 4.2 property crimes per year.  Buckhead City will make streets, homes, shopping plazas, and businesses safer. 

•    The vast majority of Buckhead voters favor Buckhead City, including 46% of Black Buckhead voters. (11 percent of Buckhead’s residents are Black.)

Though there remains much work to do by those intent on making Buckhead City a reality, it’s time for the Georgia General Assembly – perhaps in the recently called special session – to allow Buckhead residents to vote on the matter in a fair election by adding the issue to the November 2022 ballot. We look forward to that vote.