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The Buckhead City Committee 
Welcomes You!

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Together We Can Save Buckhead

The Buckhead City Committee (formerly the Buckhead Exploratory Committee) is a diverse group of Buckhead residents who have united to improve the quality of life in our community. Our goals are to make Buckhead safer, improve our schools, fix our infrastructure, protect single-family zoning, and deliver a better Buckhead for all residents. Join the thousands of Buckhead residents who want to live in Buckhead City!

Please consider clicking the tabs below to support our efforts for a Buckhead cityhood referendum by donating and ordering a yard sign!

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Read the Buckhead City Bills

Senate Bill 113

Senate Bill 114

Not Going Anywhere
Shanna Gikonyo-Waweru on Buckhead City
BCC Voters Rally
BCC January Fundraiser
Who is Bill White?
Homestead Exemption
2021 Buckhead City Year in Review
Water Boy Press Conference
Economic Impact of Buckhead City
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