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We are a team of 25 Buckhead residents from a wide variety of both geographic areas within the historic Buckhead community and leadership positions. We came together as a board to discuss the possibility of cityhood for Buckhead. Members are volunteers driven by a passion for improving our Buckhead Community. However, as we move towards becoming Buckhead City, we are currently hiring lobbyists and attorneys as well as conducting feasibility studies, which requires funding. All donations will go directly to the cityhood movement. At a formal meeting, three Corporate Officers were elected to form a 501 (c)(4) and explore the possible avenues for a Thriving Buckhead, including cityhood. Sam Lenaeus was elected President & CEO of Buckhead Exploratory, Ryan Manthey was elected Vice President & Treasurer, and Leila Laniado was elected Secretary. Once legally incorporated, the Executive Committee, selected Bill White as the main lead for Fundraising.